Equality for All!


Equality is a stage of being equal ,especially in status ,right and opportunities.

Not everybody is discriminated in their country or state.

We all are unique and we are all beautiful in each way. We can also show our way together. Don't tell people how we are strong and very cool in each way. We are going to be a community that ROCKS AND SUPPORTS.

Ways it happens:

Discrimination occurs if an employee is treated less favourably than other employees in the same or similar circumstances on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination (sex, age, race, etc). This is known as direct discrimination. ... Indirect discrimination is also unlawful.

The achievements of the modern black freedom struggle, which followed the victory in the Brown decision, have reverberated throughout society and provide a model for social change. They have given inspiration and encouragement to other Americans fighting for equal rights and access to opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disabilities.