Who are we?

We are 6th grade Innovation at Chula Vista Learning Community Charter school ! We are people in our community that help our community and try to make a good impact in the world and other people's life. we are here to help you with any problems you have such as, Suicide Prevention, LGBTQ+ and Equality discrimination. We will provide you with help for example bracelets. This will also help homelessness We can lift each other no matter of how we look or how we are we are all a community in our world.This is our innovation project. We have been working on this project since august 2018. We believe everyone should have equal rights, and love whoever they want. And have there own perspective in the way they look a things and it dose not matter of there gender or how they act or react to stuff.

By: Sixth grade CVLCC, Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School